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Find your local Landcare group

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Find your local Landcare group

The groups that fall under the Landcare umbrella are varied in nature and don’t necessarily include Landcare in their names. They include productive farming industry groups, ‘Friends of’, ‘Bushcare’, ‘Coastcare’, ‘Rivercare’ and ‘Dunecare’. All of these operate slightly differently, but share similar aspirations around protecting our natural resources. Landcare also include farmers embracing sustainable farm management, Indigenous traditional land managers sharing their knowledge with the wider community and any community group that partakes in volunteer environmental activities.

To locate a group near you, search the National Landcare Directory, contact your local council or contact your local SEQ Catchments Area Manager. SEQ Catchments is working with Landcare Australia to update the National Landcare Directory and keep this information current.

If you are located in the Brisbane region, you can also find local groups via the Brisbane Catchments Network.

If you are on the Gold Coast, many groups in your area are members of the Gold Coast Catchment Association.

For a list of many of the groups in South East Queensland please visit the Queensland Water and Land Carers website. Alternatively, if you are an existing group and want others to find you, or simply want to update your contact information, you can update the National Landcare Directory.  

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