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A Landcare group, like any individual, family or organisation, is advised to carry insurance. Accidents do happen.

Without insurance, groups and individuals (and their assets) can be liable. Insurance provides a level of protection to your group, individuals in your group, other volunteers and third parties in the event of accidents or negligence.

Volunteers in your group need to be confident that they are insured against the risks of liability and personal injury when carrying out their activities. Source: Landcare Tasmania

In South East Queensland, Queensland Water and Land Carers is the main body that provides insurance to incorporated groups and also provides advice for unincorporated groups.

Incorporated groups

Queensland Water and Land Carers (QWaLC) is the main insurer in South East Queensland for incorporated groups. Groups are required to register with QWaLC. Once registered, insurance is at no cost to the group.

QWaLC insure:

  • Landcare Groups (including Bushcare) and Coastcare Groups.
  • Waterwatch and Catchment Groups in Queensland who are Landcare Groups registered with QWaLC.
  • All individual persons carrying out activities authorised by the registered groups

QWaLC offers three types of insurance:

  • Public and product liability
  • Volunteer accident insurance
  • Association liability

Visit the Queensland Waters and Land Carers website for more information on the policies available. 

What is incorporation?

Incorporation is a voluntary, simple and inexpensive process that establishes your community group as a legal entity. 

Incorporating allows your association to:

  • Continue regardless of changes to membership
  • Accept gifts and bequests
  • Buy and sell property
  • Enter into enforceable contracts
  • Sue or be sued
  • Apply for Government grants

Incorporated associations should be non-profit organisations. This means that any profits made should be used to further the objectives of the association, not provide personal gain for its members. 

Source: Landcare Tasmania

How can my group become incorporated?

There are a number of steps involved in becoming an incorporated group, and the Department of Fair Trading has made available useful information on how to become incorporated and associated obligations.

Unincorporated groups

QWaLC also provide insurance advice for unincorporated groups. 

More general information on the types of insurance that people involved in volunteering activities should be aware of is available on the Volunteering Qld website.

Insurance – Organisations Involving Volunteers

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