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Starting a new group

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Starting a new group

Getting involved in Landcare could mean volunteering at your local group, or if you find that one is not available, there is the possibility of starting up your own group.

To assist with this processs, Landcare Queensland have developed a ‘Guideline for the Formation of a Landcare Group’ which lists an easy to follow nine step process, from initial discussions right through to carrying out activities.

Landcare Australia have also developed a more in-depth “New Group Starter Kit – Your guideto starting a new landcare group”, which is relevant for groups across Australia. This ‘Start Up Kit’ has been developed to outline, in a logical and sequential manner, the general steps involved and the formal requirements that need to be considered when starting a group. It should be noted that there are no hard and fast rules and the steps involved may vary to some degree depending on the particular circumstance of each group. You may also choose to do things in a slightly different order to what is outlined within this ‘Start Up Kit’ and in recognising these variables; the information provided should be considered as a general guide only.

More general information on setting up a community group (not specific to Landcare), can be found at Our Community. It provides useful information on the thought process behind first identifying the need to set up a group, the various legal structures and information on Administrative Systems, including useful guides for Treasurers and Board Members.

How can my group become incorporated?

There are a number of steps involved in becoming an incorporated group, and the Office of Fair Trading has made available useful information on how to become incorporated and associated obligations. Please refer to the Incorporated Groups section of our Insurance page for more information.

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