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Community engagement, collaboration and support are central to our strategy and daily activity.

SEQ Catchments is well placed to facilitate community groups, schools, businesses and local government to work together and supports projects and plans to address local landscape sustainability issues.


Our structure maximises the opportunity for community engagement and input.
The SEQ Catchments Members’ Association (SEQCMA) has over 160 member groups from a variety of community and industry sectors (including Landcare groups and Local Government).
Our Community Partnership Managers enjoy strong local networks and informal connections within the community in which they operate and listen to and converse with landholders and local groups about on ground local issues on a daily basis.


Like us, most landowners want to protect our natural assets for future generations.

Our core activity is to engage, mobilise, and inform landowners, the people who make the decisions on land use and continue to invest their time and effort in improving our landscape. 
We provide advice, community support and access to funding and information to help local groups and landowners to carry out work on the ground.


We support the community across a number of areas, including:
  • property planning advice
  • free training and workshops 
  • provide access to information, advice and support
  • provision of small grants
  • sourcing project and community investment from the corporate and government sectors
  • facilitating indigenous engagement in planning and delivery of projects.

Citizen Science

SEQ Catchments supports citizen science initiatives across our region like recording wildlife, collecting water samples, planting trees, monitoring mangroves and seagrass, and reporting changes in the local environment. Read more…

Community Groups

SEQ Catchments believes that a natural resource sector with strong community involvement is essential to the achievement of a healthier South East Queensland. Read more…

Land Owners

Active support of land managers and recognition of their investment in time and resources to protect and restore these natural assets is critical. Read more…

Traditional Owners

SEQ Catchments recognises and values that Traditional Owners and Indigenous people have a unique understanding of the ecosystem services provided by the land and seascapes of their region. Read more…