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The South East Queensland Regional Landcare Facilitator supports the Landcare community and land managers across South East Queensland. Click here to find out more.

SEQ Catchments supports both large and small scale natural resource management projects delivered via five work programs – Land, Biodiversity, Water, Planning and Innovation, and Community Partnerships.


Through our land program we develop and deliver activities that maintain, enhance and improve land management within South East Queensland. Find out more information about our land programs.


We work to conserve biodiversity in South East Queensland, which is home to one of the richest diversities of animal and plant species in Australia. Find out more information about our biodiversity programs.


Working with local communities to protect and restore South East Queensland’s natural environment is at the heart of our business. Find out more information about our water programs.

Community Partnerships

SEQ Catchments is working hard with local communities within South East Queensland to keep our waterways healthy for future generations. Find out more information about our community partnerships programs

Planning and innovation

This program supports our stakeholders to achieve the targets in the SEQ NRM Plan, as well as the management of areas that provide ecosystem services. Find out more information about our planning and innovation programs.