Community partnerships - Community Groups

Community partnerships - Community Groups

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SEQ Catchments believes that a natural resource sector with strong community involvement is essential to the achievement of a healthier South East Queensland.

We invest significantly in educational and awareness raising outcomes, staff, and projects which work collaboratively with local groups wherever feasible and practical.

South East Queensland is blessed with a large number of community based groups who focus on managing, protecting and restoring various aspects of South East Queensland’s natural resources though activities such as fauna protection, catchment management or water quality.

These groups vary considerably across the region, in size, focus and approach. Smaller groups may have only 5-10 active members, whilst larger groups may run commerical enterprises from which profits fund ongoing work.

Examples of group support from SEQ Catchments include small grants available for member groups to apply for each year and ongoing project partnerships.

What's your nature?

What’s your nature? is a new initiative to connect – both physically and mentally - the Brisbane community to their urban waterways and help increase understanding and appreciation for our natural environment.

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