Community partnerships - Traditional Owners

Community partnerships - Traditional Owners

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Tony Dillon – Guanaba Indigenous Protected Area.

SEQ Catchments recognises and values that Traditional Owners and Indigenous people have a unique understanding of the ecosystem services provided by the land and seascapes of their region.

This understanding can be extremely valuable when planning, designing and implementing activities aimed at improving our region’s natural resources.

SEQ Catchments works alongside Indigenous and non-Indigenous partners to address some of these threats. Traditional Owners also have two positions on the SEQCMA board, ensuring that they also have a voice in the strategic direction of SEQ Catchments as an organisation.

Indigenous involvement on the ground

SEQ Catchments makes significant efforts to ensure Indigenous and Traditional Owner involvement in our projects wherever possible.

Examples include the Indigenous ranger involvement in the rehabilitation of Spitfire creek, Moreton Island, after the Moreton Oil Spill and Indigenous work team training and employment in woody weed removal through the Healthy Country project.

SEQ Catchments is also committed to building staff understanding and engagement over time and has recently run a series of cultural heritage awareness training workshops for staff and others in the industry. 


Straddie’s sea country a focus for Traditional Owners

The Traditional Owners on Straddie, the Quandamooka people, are leading the way in managing Straddie’s delicate mangroves and reefs.

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