What's your nature - Restoring Brisbane's Catchments

As more and more people move to our city, ensuring that we look after our natural spaces will become increasingly important.

It is these natural areas dispersed between our urban jungle that make Brisbane such a liveable city - our waterways are an integral part of our city.

What’s your nature? is a new initiative to connect the Brisbane community to their urban waterways and help increase understanding and appreciation for our natural environment. 

How can I get involved?

Through this partnership there are 11 catchment groups across the city working hard with the community to restore our beautiful natural areas. These areas provide green pockets across the city where we can escape the hustle and bustle, de-stress and feel re-energised.

Brisbane is built around its waterways and all Brisbane residents live in a catchment. There are 12 catchments across Brisbane.

Catchment map


Alternatively you can find what catchment you live in by visiting the Brisbane City Council website.

This five year Australian Government funded initiative will see SEQ Catchments work with a mosaic of partnerships (listed below) to re-establish people’s connection with their local environment, whilst also improving the overall health of our city’s creeks and green spaces.

These partners include:

  • SEQ Catchments
  • Brisbane Catchments Network and its 11 member catchments groups
  • Jagera Daran Cultural Hertiage Body
  • Brisbane City Council
  • Queensland Urban Utilities