SEQ Ecological Restoration Framework

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The South East Queensland (SEQ) Ecological Restoration Framework Project was originally proposed by the Environmental Managers Technical Reference Group (EMTRG), a group of environmental managers representing SEQ Councils. The EMTRG recognised that the high growth experienced in SEQ, combined with the diversity of stakeholders undertaking ecological restoration, required the development of a standard to ensure consistent ecological restoration delivery. In April 2011, the Council of Mayors (SEQ) subsequently endorsed the Framework as a regional standard for undertaking restoration projects. Ultimately, ecological restoration projects delivered under the Framework will:

  • Conserve and enhance biodiversity through increasing the extent and improving the condition of native vegetation;
  • Ensure long-term environmental and economic sustainability; and
  • Ensure ongoing improvement and maintenance of ecosystem services.

The Framework is comprised of three key documents to guide the delivery of vegetation/ecological restoration works in the SEQ region including:

  • Code of Practice

    A policy document providing a head of power for the subsequent Guidelines and Manual. The code of practice reflects the SEQ policy environments where it is to be housed.

    SEQERF Code of Practice SEQERF Code of Practice (1411 KB)

  • Guidelines

    A decision making tool to guide users to the most appropriate course of action in their project. This document guides application of the policy and links to current best practice and examples demonstrated in the Manual element.

    SEQERF Guidelines SEQERF Guidelines (2422 KB)

  • Manual

    A technical but easy to use guide to all aspects of ecological restoration. This document is reflective of current best practice, and provides the minimum acceptable solutions to ecological restoration.

    SEQERF Manual SEQERF Manual (6261 KB)

This framework was delivered in partnership with local councils and SEQ Catchments.